Universidade de Aveiro

Researcher in charge and Project Coordinator:

Nikolai A. Sobolev

• Associate Professor @ Physics Department, University of Aveiro
• Founding member of the Associate Laboratory i3N – Institute of Nanostructures, Nanomodelling and Nanofabrication (FSCOSD – Aveiro unit)

Research interests:
– Semiconductors
– Quantum-size semiconductor structures
– Optical and magnetic resonance spectroscopy
– Composite multiferroics
– Magnetic nanostructures
– Memristors and resistive switching


Research Facilities

Magnetic Resonance and Electrical Characterization Laboratory

EPR – electron paramagnetic resonance, FMR – ferromagnetic resonance, impedance spectroscopy and magnetoelectric effect measurement systems

The Bruker EleXsys E500 EPR spectrometer functions in two frequency bands – X (~9.5 GHz) and Q (~34 GHz) – and is equipped with a computerised goniometer and two continuous flow cryostates working with N2 and He, covering a temperature range from 3.7 to 600 K. The maximum magnetic field amounts to 15 kG. Besides EPR, the spectrometer also allows measurements of the ferromagnetic resonance. The home-made magnetoelectric effect spectrometer equipped with an ARS closed cycle He cryostate allows electrical (impedance) and magnetoelectric measurements in a temperature range from 10 to 450 K.


Work developed in UAVR