Kauno Technologijos Universitetas

Researcher in charge for the Project:

Sigitas Tamulevičius

• Director @ Institute of Materials Science, Kauno Technologijos Universitetas
• Professor @ Physics Department, Kauno Technologijos Universitetas

Research interests:
– Condensed matter physics
– Thin films
– Vacuum and plasma technologies
– Optical spectroscopy
– Surface and interface phenomena
– Micro and nanotechnologies
– Electronics
– Photonics
– Biomaterials
– Bio sensing



Research Facilities

Institute of Materials Science   


Available facilities and technologies:

• ISO 5 class clean room
• Traditional technologies of thin film deposition like vacuum evaporation (electron beam, thermal), magnetron deposition, plasma spray, RF plasma enhanced CVD as well as DC ion beam synthesis
• Lengmuir-Blodgette through for monolayer film deposition
• Dry etching capabilities including reactive ion etching, direct ion beam etching, deep reactive ion etching (ICP plasma device)
• E-beam lithography, Microlithography equipment such as mask alignment and UV exposure systems can be applied for formation of different microstructures
• Laser interference lithography
• UV imprint lithography and replication technology including Ni shim production
• Femtosecond laser microfabrication system (focused beam: sample translation, beam scanning, interference, fabrication on radial surfaces)
• Laser interferometry, electronic speckle pattern interferometry combined with the microtensile equipment for studies of mechanical properties of thin films and microstructures
• Surface analysis techniques including XRD, SEM-EDS, AFM, ESCA, X-ray fluorescence, spectroscopy and laser ellipsometry, UV, visible and FTIR spectroscopy
• Raman scattering
• Electrical characterization including four probes measurements, I-U, C-V measurements, impedance spectroscopy
• Mechanical properties analysis including Rockwell testing, microhardness as well as computer controlled scratch testing
• Microtensile testing of thin films and multilayers
• Femtosecond pump- probe laser spectroscopy system
• Biosensing system employing leaky wave mode
• Capillary assisted deposition system of nanoparticles
• Contact angle measurements
• PDMS replication technology line